My child committed a crime against me, the parent, why can’t I just drop the charges?

It may seem since you are the alleged victim of crime committed by your child, that you have power to drop the charges or dismiss the case. Unfortunately once the police are contacted and a report is filed, the prosecutor has the sole discretion on whether to proceed with the case or not. If you are the alleged victim, you have the right to tell the prosecutor how you feel about the case. However, if the prosecutor decides to proceed with the case, even if you disagree with the charges, the prosecutor has the power to call you as a witness in the case against your child. Even though you may be the parent and the sole witness in the case against your child, you are ultimately just a witness that the prosecutor may call to testify in his case.

If is important to remember that once you contact the police regarding an alleged crime involving your child, you lose all power to control the outcome of your child’s case.