What if I’m unable or unwilling to bond my child out of custody?

When your child is arrested and appears in court, the judge will set a bond that may be posted by a parent only. If you are unable or unwilling to post the bond, the court may allow the Department of Human Services (DHS) in the county where you reside to conduct a placement evaluation and place your child in an out of home placement. An out of home placement may consist of a group home, residential treatment facility, or locked staff secure facility. These placements are considered temporary as DHS is not in the business of housing your children for extended periods of time. Placement durations may last anywhere from a few months, to as long as a few years, depending on the duration and outcome of your child’s case. Even if your child remains in custody at a detention center (jail for kids) and is not placed by DHS, your child will attend school in the detention center.